Quarter Horse Adoption Mentorship

Re-Ride Quarter Horse Adoption Program

Award Date: December 11, 2018

Awarded: $5,000

RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program provides homes for unwanted or displace registered Quarter Horses. The horses in our program have become displaced for a variety of reasons, some are abused, neglected or unwanted while others are former show horses with owners taking the responsibility to place the horses that have been their show partners in a program where they can once again guide another to their first championship. Through rehabilitation and retraining these horses are offered a purpose and therefore a bright future.

The program focuses on giving back to the horses that we love as well as the community and features such programs as the Riding Thru It Program for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. RE-RIDE originated in 2010 to fill a need for the American Quarter Horse , preventing these horses from going to slaughter. The mentorship program would incorporate the business model for adoption of registered Quarter and Paint horses to other Right Horse adoption partners on a national level. The program includes a review of current operating procedures and tips to incorporate the adoption contracts, and donation procedures for registered Quarter and Paint horses as well as serving as a liaison between AQHA and affiliates to help spread the word of the transition programs.

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