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The WaterShed Animal Fund is a private, separate entity within the Arnall Family Foundation. With an independent staff and strategic plan, we are dedicated to supporting innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. The Fund supports organizations with shared interests that demonstrate competency, transparency and problem solving.

Christy Counts


Jenessa Cutler

Grants Manager

Austin Mayden

Creative Services Manager

Christie Schulte Kappert

Program Manager, The Right Horse

Cailin Caldwell

Community and Social Media Manager

Mickey Smith

Graphic Designer


We envision a world that embraces positive and symbiotic relationships between humans and companion animals. A world that celebrates compassion towards companion animals as a core human value. One that does not include suffering and needless death of companion animals.


To operate with a bold and creative approach to grantmaking by advancing innovative strategies to create change in animal welfare.

To encourage and participate in strong collaborations and partnerships in the animal welfare sector among stakeholders who work together to achieve shared goals.

To operate with a deep and broad understanding of the animal welfare issues of primary concern to the Fund so that funding decisions are made with clarity and financial responsibility.

To operate with accountability, holding ourselves, our partners and our grantees also accountable for tracking and providing measurable outcomes.

To operate without creating duplication of efforts in our specific program areas.

To operate with all grantees, partners and stakeholders in the spirit of transparency and trust.

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