Community Pet Care Clinic

Community Pet Care Clinic, LLC

Award Date: June 6, 2016

Awarded: $650,000

An estimated 23 million pets live in poverty in America. Millions more are in homes that struggle daily to make ends meet. For many pet owners, even basic veterinary services are out of reach. CPCC believes that it is our responsibility to provide access to veterinary care for the millions of pets currently without that care. The first Community Pet Care Clinic facility will be located in Toledo, OH on a well-traveled street and in an area of low to moderate-income families. The clinic will offer a broad range of services that are considered “basic” or “first tier” services.

A prime objective is to run an efficient business by closely controlling costs and maximizing productivity. This will allow the business to provide services at a price point lower than the average for the area. By operating efficiently the Community Pet Care Clinic office will be able to serve a segment of the population that is currently strained or priced out of the market while being attractive to the increasingly cost conscious customer. Some services will be delivered on a sliding scale tied to income qualification and some services will be delivered at no cost as a public service. Cost of medical care is one of the most often cited reasons for surrendering pets to shelters. The Community Pet Care Clinic model will save lives of animals that may have otherwise found themselves in local animal shelters due to their owner’s inability to pay for their medical needs.

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