As an impact-first investor, the highest return we seek is social impact to advance our grant making strategies as they relate to our strategic goals. We envision a future where deeply meaningful and innovative investments are integral to philanthropic funders’ work and prevalent throughout the program related investing field.

Program-related investments (PRIs) are a statutorily defined exception in the Internal Revenue Code to the rules prohibiting private foundations from making “jeopardizing investments.” PRIs can take many forms, including loans, equity investments, bank deposits and guarantees. PRIs must be made for the primary purpose of accomplishing a charitable purpose and not primarily for financial gain. In practice, this means that the PRI will have an interest rate or financial return objective that is lower than prevailing market rates for loans and investments of similar duration, credit quality and risk.


Dog and Cat Homelessness

We fund programs/projects that increase adoption market share, increase owner retention or expand spay/neuter programs in non-traditional ways.

Horse Homelessness

We fund programs/projects that identify solutions, build partnerships and develop strategies to help horses, or programs that increase adoptions or increase owner retention.

Cruelty Issues

We fund programs and projects that work to find alternatives to end inhumane horse slaughter and puppy mills.

Social Movement

We fund projects that elevate animal welfare as a social movement such as data research, case-building, leadership building or coalition building.

Funded Program Related Investments

    Get Your Pet
    November 1, 2017
    Awarded: $750,000
    Animal shelters and pet rescues do wonderful work, but the current, shelter-based system for pet adoption is in crisis, and it needs our help. Get Your Pet is a simple, smart and humane way to keep pets out of shelters, one that also increases shelters’ ability to care for the homeless and abused animals that really need them.
    Community Pet Care Clinic
    June 6, 2016
    Awarded: $650,000
    An estimated 23 million pets live in poverty in America. Millions more are in homes that struggle daily to make ends meet. For many pet owners, even basic veterinary services are out of reach. CPCC believes that it is our responsibility to provide access to veterinary care for the millions of pets currently without that care. The first Community Pet Care Clinic facility will be located in Toledo, OH on a well-traveled street and in an area of low to moderate-income families. The clinic will offer a broad range of services that are considered “basic” or “first tier” services.

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